Certified nice

Nice Things for nice* people

*people who pay us money

Nice things unlocks extra features and abilities for you throughout the app. These features let you contribute and give you more tools to manage the things, events, and places you love.

Any user can purchase nice things. It is also provided for free to community partners.

Nice things is not a subscription. You choose whether you want it for a month, a season, a year, or forever. Add more time whenever you'd like, or just forget about it and it goes away.

It does not auto-renew. We don't store any payment information - that's all handled through Stripe.

Nice Features

Your account will gain some privileges that regular accounts don't have. Plus new features are always in the works.

  • Contribute

    Submit new things - Places, News, Media - to the collection.

  • More Newsletters

    Additional newsletters and more personalization options.

  • Higher Limits

    Create more than 3 lists, save more things on each list.

  • Map Tools

    Choose different basemaps and search from within the map.

  • Chat / Support

    Join our Discord if you want to talk about the project, ask questions, or follow along behind the scenes.

  • Event Invites

    Send invites and collect responses for your events.

  • Commenting

    Post public comments, tips, and reviews on things for others to see.

  • Notifications

    Receive push notifications for events, news, updates, search results, and more.

  • Always More

    We have a lot planned - search alerts, groups, jobs, and more

  • Support Things

    Most importantly, you're helping keep the lights on.

$8Full price

One Month 30 days Good for trying it out, planning a road trip, or taking a vacation.

$20Save Money

Seasonal 90 days Looking for fun fall activities? Want to avoid boredom over the winter?

$60Best Deal

One Year 365 days Power user. You love Minnesota and want to know everything in it.

$250Limited Time

Forever* As long as we exist Show your support for the project and get nice things forever.

* Purchase nice things forever and your account will be changed to expire on 12/31/2099. This offer is only available as we're getting started. You can also choose to have your name added as a supporter on the about page forever. Businesses can be added as sponsors for an additional fee.

Visit the Settings Page to get Nice Things.

Super Simple

  • You choose the length

    Whether you love it or just want to try it, you pick how long you want access. The longer you pay for, the more you save, and the more we appreciate you.

  • Simple checkout

    Choose an option on the settings page, securely checkout through Stripe, and the features will be unlocked for your account.

  • Extend or forget

    Easily add more time whenever you want, or simply forget about it and it goes away. We don't store your payment info, and we won't even harass you with renewal emails.

  • Commit now, save money

    Like Netflix, we'll increase the price every so often as we add new features. Unlike Netflix, we won't do it when we take away your favorite show.