dont do that

Rules & Etiquette

Just be nice . That's basically all there is to it. Keep reading to learn some specific things that are now allowed and could get you warnings.

To start, there is no right to post. These rules are meant to benefit all users of this app. We understand mistakes and misunderstandings happen, but if you're regularly causing problems, you're ruining it for everyone and your account may be restricted or banned.

We communicate. You'll get notifications and warnings first. If you disagree with the rules, send us Feedback.

Rules and enforcement are ultimately at our discretion

Things that could result in warnings or restrictions

  • Posting junk or spammy content.
  • Posting things that are not allowed (see below).
  • Being mean, creepy, rude. Lying.
  • Using bots.
  • Conspiracy theory nonsense.
  • Birds Aren't Real is fine. 5G vaccine microchip child sacrifice stuff - absolutely not.
  • Racism, sexism, and other discrimination.

What's generally not allowed?

No private personal information

Do not share anyone's address, phone number, email address, or other personal information without their permission.

You can choose to share your own though.

Basically, if it's private information that you wouldn't want shared about yourself, don't share it. If it's publicly posted and easy to find on another site already (like a politician's email address), then it's probably fine.

No copyrighted content

Don't take others' work. Only share photos or content you have taken or created your self, or have received permission to post.

No AI generated content

Please do not use photos or content generated by AI. It's fine on your profile, but not on public submissions.

No nudity

Art may be allowed later.

No illegal things

You do you, but you can't do it here.

Posting something like "I'm a drug user looking for treatment, any recommendations?" is fine. Very awesome, actually. "Anyone know where I can score myself some drugs?" is not.

What about specifically?

No national franchise locations

We know they're sometimes run by our neighbors, but most people know what they are and they're easy enough to find. We want to stay focused on truly local things.

Some exceptions apply for locations that have something unique - like a locally-run Dairy Queen with weird quirks or local specials only available at that location.

No Multi-Level Marketing

Same as above. They are just not truly local, plus the prevalence of scams in the industry means we'll stay away.

including but not limited to doTerra, Young Living, Avon, Herbalife, Mary Kay, etc..

No Crpyto/NFTs/Web3

This is web2, baby. Believe it or not, we just aren't confident in the industry, and don't want to be responsible for directing users to a scam.

No promoting or linking individual NFTs or Crypto projects. Businesses and startups involved in these industries are allowed.

No Hate Groups, Cults, Scientology

Self explanatory.

While sharing things, remember that just because you can post something, that doesn't always mean you should. Try to keep it friendly, useful, or entertaining.


Breaking rules will typically just mean the content gets removed and you get a warning notification letting you know why.

Repeated warnings in a short time will result in your profile being restricted temporarily. You will still be able to use your account, just not post anything publicly.

If that continues, and for serious violations, your account will be permanently restricted and you will not be able to post anything.

These rules will evolve. If you have questions, concerns, feedback, or suggestions, reach out to or send some feedback.